Twitter Welcomes Six New Partners to Ads API Program

Advertising on Twitter just keeps better and better. At least that’s what the social giant would prefer us to believe. The effectiveness of the advertising solutions on any given platform is subjective, but with the improvements that have been made this year alone, it’s hard not to shoot a positive nod to the masters of the Twitterverse.

Twitter recently announced an all new round of partners for its Ads API. The addition of Voxsup, SocialCode, Kenshoo Social, Optimal Social, SocialFlow, and Unified Social brings its total number of partners to 11. In February, Twitter announced the first round of partners, which included Adobe, HootSuite, Salesforce, SHIFT, and TBG Digital. While both sets of companies serve the same purpose of helping improve the ad experience by making campaigns easier to create and manage, they take a different approach to achieving those goals.

Twitter Ads Get More Social

Twitter’s first round of ad API partners were big on digital advertising. TBG Digital for example, used its expertise to allow brands to buy ad units based around live events and television programs. The

Which Mobile Devices Are The Best For A Banner Ad?

As more and more people use smartphones and tablets, it makes more and more sense to have advertising geared towards smartphone and tablet users. That’s where mobile banner ads come in. Having advertisements that show up on apps and when searching the web on a smartphone or tablet computer can contribute to increased sales for your company, and increased interest in your services.

Which mobile devices will work best for mobile banner ads?

Needless to say, it is easier to read a banner ad in a tablet computer, like an iPad or a Kindle Fire or some other tablet, as opposed to being on a smartphone. But that does not mean that banner advertising on a smartphone like an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy is ineffective. Needless to say, the

5 Minute Guide To Facebook Ads For Local Business

In today’s cut-throat business world, it’s crucial that you have a strong internet presence for your local business. One of the best ways of increasing your business’ overall performance is to become involved in social media by making use of Facebook ads. Here are a few ways your business can benefit from using Facebook ads.

Zeroing in On Your Target Audience

By far, one of the best things about Facebook ads is that you can laser-target who you want to view your ads based on criteria such as age, sex, interests and location. For example, if you run a local nail salon, you can opt to target your ads to women in your area who are interested in fashion, beauty, nail art or salons.

Experience Viral Marketing at it’s Best

Whenever someone ‘likes’ your Facebook ad or business page, it appears on their wall for all of their friends and followers to see. This ‘snowball effect’ is the ultimate in viral marketing as all of that person’s friends will see your page in their news feed and will

What To Expect From Twitter’s Acquisition

From the latest Korg news to Twitter, TwitterMusic is on the cards, but what can we expect from it? Social Media giant Twitter bought “We Are Hunted”, a music discovery software service, last year for an undisclosed amount. Founded in Australia, We Are Hunted moved to San Francisco and the company only has around 10 employees. Can this technology compete with the well-established music sharing and discovery apps already out there? The app has a lot of power behind it and with good strategic marketing it could just be the next big thing.

Stephen Phillips (Founder and Coder at We Are Hunted) has been tweeting tests with the hashtag #NowPlaying. The company’s website is, at the moment, ‘unavailable’ (a tell-tale sign of the takeover). Instead, a single information page includes a description of the company that says they are a software company who have developed proprietary search technology that scans the web continuously to find hot new music in the World today. Which sounds pretty exciting if you’re keen to be the first in the know. Artists will be sure to like that users can follow them straight from the app – creating an instant fan base.

According to sources, the application will launch with a quick tour through the basics of the app and will be open to non Twitter account holders. Powered by songs from SoundCloud and videos from Vevo, TwitterMusic will be a music discovery app that will aim to promote new artists and bands and broaden users’ musical horizons. There are four tabs on the app to select from:

1. Suggested – based on artists and users you follow

2. #NowPlaying – songs that have been played by people you follow using that hashtag

3. Popular – trending tracks of the moment as regulated by We Are Hunted’s charts

4. Emerging – for breakout artists and up-and-coming bands
Emerging Twitter Market

Will TwitterMusic be able to make a dent in the already strong market? It’s up against big-hitters like Pandora (67m users) and Spotify (24m users) and now FaceBook have announced their news feed will include the option of selecting “Music” to be the sole theme on the news feed. However, with the might of SoundCloud and Vevo, and possibly iTunes, given Twitter’s longstanding relationship with Apple, this could very well be a success. It will all depend on key early-adopters (there are currently 2.3m followers of the TwitterMusic account) finding the app useful enough and We Are Hunted’s technology being strong enough to deliver on its promise of the “hottest new music in the world”.

In terms of branding and marketing, the logo is a simple silver play button and the ubiquitous Twitter bluebird in the corner of the logo. Industry insiders are speculating that advertising might clash with the other players involved, unless TwitterMusic produces an integrated promotional campaign alongside Vevo and SoundCloud? If iTunes are indeed involved, don’t be surprised to see TwitterMusic on the next iPod advert.

The obvious drawback to this as a music discovery application is that you are relying on people you follow (or trending music) to open up your musical boundaries; yet the chances are that you follow them for entirely different reasons. That said, if the people you follow now aren’t exposing you to new music you appreciate, chances are you’ll follow more artistically similar users. Thus expanding the network of people exponentially, as people seek out those in the know. Win-win for Twitter!

Facebook Addiction Disorder Symptoms

Facebook Addiction Disorder
You may think that your need to check Facebook first thing in the morning is normal, but it’s possible that it’s a sign that you have Facebook Addiction Disorder.

Facebook Addiction Disorder, also known as FAD, is a real disease that affects many people. What starts as a small desire to keep in touch with friends and families becomes a major distraction that impacts every aspect of a person’s life.

If you possess any of the following symptoms, you may be suffering from Facebook Addiction Disorder.

1. Increased Usage

If you are spending more time on Facebook than ever before, it’s possible that you’re suffering from FAD. Those with an addiction feel compelled to be on the social network as often as possible. If you’re logged in first thing in the morning and are still using the site after you are laying in bed for the night, you may want to seek help.

2. Fake Relationships

Those suffering from FAD have a need to constantly build their number of friends. This is usually the result of low self esteem, and they fill this void by making more virtual friends than real friends. If you don’t know who the majority of your Facebook friends are, it’s a sign you have FAD.

3. Withdrawal

If you ever feel symptoms of withdrawal when you cannot be on Facebook, it’s a major sign of FAD. If you feel anxious when you cannot be on the social network, you need to receive help.

4. Topic of Communication

If you are constantly talking about Facebook, it’s a sign that you have FAD. The majority of your conversations should not revolve around Facebook, what you saw on Facebook or what you did on Facebook.

5. Notification Excitement

If you receive email or mobile notifications every time activity happens on your wall, and you receive a euphoric feeling every time a notification appears, you need to seek help. While it is nice to be communicated with, it should not be the most exciting thing that happens throughout your day.

6. Oversharing

Those who are addicted to Facebook also tend to overshare. If you find that you are changing your status update or profile picture at least once every hour, it means that you are spending too much time on the site. Plus, oversharing can lead to harm. There is no need to tell all of your Facebook friends every single detail about your life, as some of them may use this information against them.

7. Lost Relationships

If you have lost real relationships—or worse, jobs—due to Facebook, you’ll want to seek treatment. The use of Facebook should never replace family, friends and careers. If you are not spending time with your family, if you no longer attend Girls Night Out because you’d rather sit on Facebook, and if you have been fired because of Facebook (or at least been reprimanded for your use during company time) you have FAD.

Facebook Addiction Disorder is a serious illness, and if you don’t seek treatment, it can spiral completely out of control. The best thing to do if you believe that you are suffering from FAD is to meet with a psychologist, as they’ll be able to address your situation and help you work through it.

Facebook Addiction Disorder

How To Add Image To Every Post On Your Blogger Blog

Would you like add image or signature to every blog post in blogger blog? This post will show you how to do it in just a few easy steps! :)

To add a signature or image, first, you need to have image or signature and upload it somewhere like Flicker, photobucket or in your FTP. Then follow the below steps..

1. Go to your blog inside the Blogger Dashboard and click on design.

2. Then click the Edit HTML button.

3. Check the Expand Widget Template box.

4. Find by Click CTRL-F and copy and paste the line below in the search box to search for it in your code.

post-footer-line post-footer-line-1
You will get:

<div class="post-footer-line post-footer-line-1"></div>
4. Under that line, paste the below code and change IMAGE URL to the url address of your signature image (it’s the Direct Link of your image).

<img alt='flower' src='' style='border: 0;'/>
5. If you want to create hyperlink (clickable) for this image, then paste the below code and change both src & href url of yours.

<a href=’’><img alt=’flower’ src=’’ style=’border: 0;’/></a>

You are done!


How To Gain More Blog Traction With Less Effort

The average blogger spends around 3 hours on getting his article read. Recent studies from blog polls show that the outcome is about 40-80 visitors a day.
So, how can you create more traffic for your blog, without wasting critical time you could use for creating good content?
In this article i will give you some tips and tweaks that help you get more traction with less effort.
1. Don't prostitute for views
We could also call this the “Don't be angry at friends that don't like to read your articles” rule.
Everyone has this one friend who completely ignores your social media activity.
This doesn't mean he/she doesn't like you, it just means that a given topic might not be that interesting to him/her or just there's just no time to engage in it. So, don't make reading your articles a favor, find the people who appreciate your writing.
If you want to attract a certain group of readers, write something they care about and then share it with them.
2. Link building is dead
Back in the old days setting links on your website created huge traffic on your blog. This way of SEO is dead. Since the new Google penguin update (release April 24th) it seems like Google doesn't care that much about link velocity any more. They are now confident enough to prefer good written content on certain topics to articles with a lot of interlinkage. This is something many SEO people in my surrounding noticed when their SEO businesses started struggling last month.
There is no need for link spreading anymore, being particular about what and where to spread matters again. So stop the link spamming.
3. Get your articles on Newsgrape
If promoting your content consumes so much time, why not let somebody else do the job for you?
The Newsgrape platform has a wordpress plugin to automatically sync your content with a large community without having duplicate content issues.
What happens with your article:
1. Newsgrape connects your articles with similar ones. Meaning: If somebody reads a topic connected to yours, they will see your article pop up at “related articles”. Cool about that: They are more likely to be genuinely interested and appreciative of what you have to say.
Newsgrape informs readers with certain interests that articles have been written about those given topics. This means, if you write something of popular interest, you have the chance of attracting over 5000 currently active readers on the site.
4. Automate your social media appereance
Its good to have a constant information flow about your website going on out there. But don't waste every single day on setting up new facebook and twitter updates - use tools to automate your appearance. Of course there are thousands of plugins for wordpress, but i will give you two powerful tools you can use with any blog:
Twitterfeed  - is the most automated system to do so. It creates twitter, LinkedIn and facebook updates by crawling your feeds. You can customize your updates a lot, for example how often and how many articles it should publish and define prefix/suffix etc.

Buffer - You have a productive week ahead of you? Fill your Buffer with twenty to forty updates, define the frequency and you are set to go.
Of course you can connect your social media accounts with Newsgrape as well.
To wrap it up
Don't prostitute, no SEO bulls%*&, connect with distributors and last but not least automate your social media appearance.